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Friday, May 4, 2018 @ 4pm

Academic Scholarship

2018 Academic Recipients


August Evans – High Island High School

Hannah Payne – West Hardin High School

Ryan Robinette – Hamshire Fannett High School

Stevi Rutherford – East Chambers High School



The purpose of the Texas Rice Festival Academic Scholarship is to encourage and assist deserving young men and women desiring to further their education by attending an accredited college. The award will be $3,000 to a graduating High School Senior.



Eligibility are seniors from the following school districts that are closed to support the Texas Rice Festival will be awarded an individual scholarship. East Chambers, High Island, Hamshire-Fannett, West Hardin and Hardin High Schools.

2017 Academic Recipients

Andy Lopez-East Chambers
Naomi Raczkovi-Hamshire Fannett
Caitlyn Jackson-High Island
Kaylee Hughes-West Hardin

2015 Academic Recipients

Kasey Touchet-East Chambers High School
Abigal Alton-Hamshire-Fannett High School
Brian LeBlanc-High Island High School
Austin Stewart-West Hardin High School

2016 Academic Recipients

Hannah Daniel-East Chambers
Macoy Sewell-Hamshire Fannett
Nicholas Loftin-High Island
Maygan Williams-West Hardin